How to setup the InReach system.

This document was compiled by Matt Ellingham from LandSAR 
Whanganui (New Zealand):

I have managed to set up both the KML feed and the standard MapShare feed as IFeeds in SARTrack. I have successfully received a message with location details. 

To start, there are basically 2 types of feeds from InReach, relevant to SARTrack, as far as I can tell:
1) MapShare which is the 'social network' side of things.


MapShare Settings:


2) KML Feeds, of which the Raw Data feed is the one we're after per Bart's email


Both use slightly different URL's and importantly, BOTH can be password protected.
The  KML feed URL: (The key seems to differ now from the SARTrack documentation in that it's not in a GUID format, but user defined).

I have BOTH protected by a password. There is no username required as far as I can tell  - you can authenticate to both via browser using only pwd.

Focussing on the KML feed, I have configured it as follows into IFeeds:

I am receiving location data and text message data in the Object Information window in SARTrack. The Person Object is also showing on the map under name X31271050.