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After downloading, in your browser,  select 'Open' to start the installation, or else use the 'Files' App to navigate to your Download directory and run the latest installation package "SARTrackApp.apk" from there.

Update history (Older)

Debug and Update history of the SARTrack Member Android App:
Main SARTrack Website is at

Version 1.018A
23 September 2020
WARNING: The download of this version from the Google Play Store is corrupted, and can no longer be used.
Please un-install this version from your device, and download the NEW version of the "SARTrack App" directly from the SARTrack website:

- Update for 64-bit version: Missing files in package.
- Fix: Wrong (Notification) Icons where installed

Version 1.018
22 September 2020

- This is now the permanently new Google-required package in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Also, Android 5.x is no longer supported (again, Google is causing this).
- This version has critical bug and stability 
- Also, the App is now protected against a situation where the Active Operation is not the same during a switch between a Local Database Server and the Internet Database Server.  
This situation can occur when the App is loaded at a remote location, via the local WIFI and a Local Database Server; But the Local Server was not synchronised with the Internet Server (and this means 
the Internet Server does not have the same Active Operation running). When the App unexpectedly gets Internet coverage, and tries to synchronize itself with the Internet Server, the App will sound an alarm, and will NOT synchronize, because else it would lose all its collected data during the switch from one Operation to a previous one.  The App will then attempt to find a Server which does have the same Active Operation as itself.
This can be overruled by shutting down the App, restarting, and then accept the Operation on the other Server. The non-saved data of its existing Operation will then be lost.

Version 1.016
July 2020

- The previous version was rolled back and re-configured for Android 32-Bit only, after problems.

Version 1.015A
1 July 2020

- This is the FIRST Google Play version including a 64 bit version of the App. Please advise any problems.
- Fix: 'Clue' images taken while not in coverage of the Server would only retain the last image taken.
- New: Map: The Map now supports the IPS/LKP/PLS circle system, and also the new 'Area' Poligons with filling.
- Improved the initial installation procedure.

Version 1.014
1 June 2020

- Bug Fix:  When multiple Operations where open, and when after a restart the same Operation would be selected as the time before, the App would hang in 'Pending Connection' state. This is now fixed.
- New:  Improved transfer of all the App's Way-Points (its Track) when the App is set to connect to the Server every X minutes. Priviousely it would transmit its entire Track every time; Now it will only transmit any parts of the Track which have not been send to the Server before.
Note: This requires the use of the latest versions of the Database Server(s) and SARTrack MS-Windows Clients.

Version 1.011
21 April 2020

- New: The Messages window will now also display 'Tracker messages', that is, messages from Radio or Satellite based Trackers. Currently includes: Tait radios, Icom radios, and the (New Zealand only) NZPoliceSAR satellite trackers. In addition, it is now possible to send a Radio message back *to* a Tait radio and the NZPoliceSAR satellite trackers. But do note: it is NOT the App which sends these messages to the final destination; instead the App sends them to the Database Server, which in turn sends it on to a SARTrack (Windows) Client, which has the final connection to a Tait Base raios, or the NZPoliceSAR satellite feed. If these are NOT available, the sending of such a message will fail.
- Improved stability
- Improved download of tracking data from Object Trackers.

Version 1.010A
9 March 2020

- Greatly improved the stability of the App, and it can deal much better with the fact that the Android OS is continuously killing the App.
I also improved multiple display issues.

Important note:
The recommended settings are now (in Setup):
- Connect Interval: 5 (minutes) (no longer 0 minutes)
- GPS Position: 'By movement'
- Position Interval: 15 (seconds)
- Min Distance: 10 (meters)

By setting the "Connect Interval" to 5 minutes, the App will not stay connected to the Database Server all the time, which uses a *huge* amount of battery power. Instead it will connect every 5 minutes, do a quick synchronisation with the Server, and disconnect.
When you take certain action, like sending a Message, a Clue a Log entry or editing your Personal settings, the App will make a connection to transfer the data immediately.

In addition, when you now tap the 'Connection Bar' at the bottom, you have a new option to force a 'Quick Connect' to the Server. This can be used to (for example) load any Tasks which where just send to you, but you have not received yet.
PLEASE REPORT any unexpected behavior or App Error warnings.

Version 1.010
26 February 2020

- Major fixes in relation to the Android OS killing the App all the time, and the connection between the App Client and the App background Service.
- Fix: The Tasking allocation to the App did not work correctly, because the logged in People link was not updated by the Database Server. This also requires that all Database Server are updated.
- Notifications to the User are now done by the background service, instead of the App's Client, because this is endlessly killed by the operating system.
- Change the Icons of the App to make them more visible.

Version 1.009E
9 January 2020

- Fix: Problem where App would not fully connect when only one Operation was active.
- New: Tapping on the COnnection Bar at the bottom, now gives option to CHange Active Operation when available

Version 1.009D
31 December 2019

- Many small and larger improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.009
31 October 2019

- New: The App has been prepared for the new 'Multi-Operation' versions of the SARTrack system. This will make it possible to have multiple Active Operations open at the same time, on the same GroupID.  The new function will only work as soon as all Servers and SARTrack Windows Clients have also been updated to version 1.009, which I hope to do in the next week.
- Fixed: Multiple fixes and improvements in various areas.
- Reduced the amount of Debug logging to improve performance.

Version 1.008
30 September 2019

- New: There is a new button under "Personal Settings>Availability" called "Enroute" The user can now transmit to Operations that he/she is Enroute after a callout with a single push of the button. This will show in SARTrack in the Team Setup window.
- Fix: The way the password was send to the Server caused problems in some countries with special language characters. To fix this, all SARTrack programs including the Android App now work in a different way. It also means that the Database Servers no longer are allowed to transmit non-encrypted data.
- Fix: the Message system had multiple issues, now fixed.

Version 1.007D
18 September 2019

- Fix: Still problems with Android 8 or higher, causing problems with the Bluetooth device.  Please update to this version to avoid problems when the Bluetooth device is not enabled on your phone.

Version 1.007C
17 September 2019

- New: Bluetooth: Fixed issues when Bluetooth device was not enabled, would cause crash when trying to connect a TNC..
- Made a change to the way the configuration file is saving Unicode data, which affects languages with non-ANSI characters (like Russian for example)


Version 1.007
28 July 2019

- New: Bluetooth APRS now works. Those of you who have an AP510  APRS tracker, please give it a go and let me know the results.
- New: Log system. You can now receive and send Logs, if you enable this in the Setup (at the bottom), and if you have a Login Access Level of "Operations" or higher.
- Fix: When there was no Active Operation, the Server login would get stuck on Pending.
- Behaviour change: When there is no Active Operation, the GPS location will be completely disabled. NOTE: When you open the Google Map window, this will activate the GPS receiver, and it may stay on after that.
- Tasking: Fixed issue that an attached image would not be availlable.
- Lots of minor bugs fixed.
This requires that you update your Database Servers to version 1.007 as well.

Version 1.005
15 April 2019

- Improved way for App to request stations and objects from the Server, and improved synchronisation.
This requires that you update your Database Servers to version 1.005 as well.

Version 1.004
24 March 2019

- Major update.
- Tracking system completely rewritten. The default setting of 'By Distance' is now automatically adjusting to speed and direction. At walking speed, the App will add a waypoint every 10 meters. The faster you go, the longer the distance between waypoints. When you take a corner, a waypoit is generated there.
- Notification system. Due to the new Google requirements, this has been rewritten. Special sounds are now installed for Messages, Tasks, Errors and later Logs.
- The way the App synchronises with the Database Servers has been improved and made more reliable.
- Take Photo did not always work.
- The Task system now works properly, and you can now also view any Images which are attached to a Task.
- Many other bugs and issues fixed.
- Known issues: The Compass does not always work right, and on some phones the top is partly obscured by the image containing the red line. I don't know why that is.
Please report any problems with the App by using the Debug window, and selecting 'Email Debug', with a short explanation what went wrong.

Version 1.001
10 February 2019

- In the last 9 months, the Android App had to be partly rewritten because of the new requirements of Google that all existing App's must 'target' Android 8.
This has been a complete nightmare, and basically everything stopped working, and the compiler which I must use, was totally not ready for the changes, and as a result I had also to help debug the actual compiler itself, until the final version came out a couple of months ago.
However, there are still many problems, and I really need to know from as many users as possible if the App works correctly in the various versions of Android, and phones.
Please report any problems from the App's Debug window, and send a Bug report.

It may be useful to uninstall the old App first, then install fresh in this case.
Some recommended settings:
In Setup>Server:
- When you enable Location tracking, the most power saving type is "Automatic", which check every 5 minutes if the location has changed. It will detect if you go around a corner, and it will adjust when you go from walking to stepping into a car or aircraft.
The most detailed option is 'By Movement'. The GPS will be checked every 5 seconds; When a certain distance has been covered, it will save a track point, also when you make a turn. The minimum distance is 10 meters when you move 5 km/h or below, after that this minimum distance will increase, so that when you do 100km/h it does not generate thousands of track points...

When you go into the 'GPS/Compass, Send Clue, or Map window, the GPS will stay on for as long as you are in there, or until you minimize the App.

To save more power, you can set the Connect Interval' to say 5 minutes. SARTrack will release hold on the WIFI system, and stay disconnected from the Server until 5 minutes have passed. It will then connect to the Database Server (WIFI or Internet), synchronize, and disconnect again.

When you switch to Personal Settings, the App will make a full connection to the Database.

Give it a try and please keep me up-to-date with the results.


Version 0.9.781F
9 July 2018

- Changed Debug log time to UTC so can better compare with Database Servers.
- Fix: Google Map: 'Normal' button was missing
- Fix: On restart Client, when Service already running, did not display the Server connection correctly.
- Fix: The Availability updates caused the Current Status (Assigned to a Team) of the person to be overwritten at the Server and the SARTrack clients.
This fix requires also an Update of the Database Server and SARTrack Client.
- New: In the Station Popup window, a new button: Send Message to Station. NOTE: This currently only works for APRS Messages to SARTrack Clients and APRS capable Amateur Radio radios (not to commecercial radios like Tait, Motorola, etc).. (Double-tap on a Station in the Station list to open the Popup)
- Fix: Clue Photo attachment did not always work due to a missing directory.

Version 0.9.780C
26 June 2018
- Fix: Change the way the screen is looking with different device displays.
- Fix: The Avavlabiliy system was not updated from the Server side. This also requires the Database Server to be updated to version 0.9.781A

Known Issues:
- The App will NOT run properly on Android version 4.x.
- The App will run on Android Version 5.x (Lolipop) but it will NOT be capable to connect to a Local Database Server, on a WIFI network which is NOT itself connected to the Internet. That is, when you have a WIFI network in the field, which has NO Internet access, but is running a Local Database Server, Android Lolipop devices will not be able to connect to it.
This means that the minimum recommended Android version is 6.x (Marshmallow).