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How to make Donations for SARTrack

For 16 years now I have been working on the SARTrack system, and while some people and organisations have made a donation to support the on-going development, most have not.
So, I am asking you all here, if you are using SARTrack on a regular basis, please do make a donation.
And, I am now even going to ask you for small automatic monthly donations, instead of a single larger one.

I am aware that many of you are fully volunteer based, and don't have much money to spend.
However, I can also not go on forever without some form of income to pay for all the actual operating costs of the SARTrack system. This includes domain names, VPS (Servers), my (huge) yearly payments for the Development software, and even the accounting costs for SARTrack Limited, and more.  All of this I have to pay out of my own pocket.

Sadly, donations made through PayPal incur a huge fee from PayPal. If you for example donate USD$100, I will only get USD$95.30.
If I then have to transfer this to New Zealand dollars, another huge fee is added in the form of a nasty 'exchange rate' (while they say: No Fee!)

So, I have now set up a complicated structure of international bank accounts and use TransferWise to get it all transferred to New Zealand with minimal fees.

If you wish to make a single donation (or preferably automatic monthly small donations) for the on-going development of SARTrack, please use one of the options below.
Also send me an email, so I am aware of your donation, and can keep record of it.

New Zealand users:
Please transfer directly into my private bank account:
Westpac (NZ)
Bart Kindt
Normal Donation: Reference: "SARTrack Donation"
SMS Credits Top-up:
Reference: "SMS" + your GroupID !

Australia users:
Westpac (AU)
Bart Kindt
BSB:        732576
Acc:        651117
Reference: SARTrack Donation

European users:
Bank: N26
Bart Kindt
IBAN: DE65100110012629980984
Reference: SARTrack Donation

United States users:

"Evolve Bank and Trust (EVOLVE)"
Account holder:                          Bart Kindt
Account number:                        9600000000138831
Routing number (ACH or ABA)   084009519
Address: 19 W 24th Street, New York NY
Reference: SARTrack Donation

If any of the above is not possible, or require huge bank fees, please use the Donation button below:

If your organisation is not capable of making donations, I am happy to generate a commercial Invoice for you. In that case, please email

A huge thanks,

Bart Kindt
SARTrack Developer

Last updated 23 September 2020.