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Debug and Update history of the SARTrack Member Android App (Beta Versions):
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Version 0.9.781F
9 July 2018

- Changed Debug log time to UTC so can better compare with Database Servers.
- Fix: Google Map: 'Normal' button was missing
- Fix: On restart Client, when Service already running, did not display the Server connection correctly.
- Fix: The Availability updates caused the Current Status (Assigned to a Team) of the person to be overwritten at the Server and the SARTrack clients.
This fix requires also an Update of the Database Server and SARTrack Client.
- New: In the Station Popup window, a new button: Send Message to Station. NOTE: This currently only works for APRS Messages to SARTrack Clients and APRS capable Amateur Radio radios (not to commecercial radios like Tait, Motorola, etc).. (Double-tap on a Station in the Station list to open the Popup)
- Fix: Clue Photo attachment did not always work due to a missing directory.

Version 0.9.780C
26 June 2018
- Fix: Change the way the screen is looking with different device displays.
- Fix: The Avavlabiliy system was not updated from the Server side. This also requires the Database Server to be updated to version 0.9.781A

Known Issues:
- The App will NOT run properly on Android version 4.x.
- The App will run on Android Version 5.x (Lolipop) but it will NOT be capable to connect to a Local Database Server, on a WIFI network which is NOT itself connected to the Internet. That is, when you have a WIFI network in the field, which has NO Internet access, but is running a Local Database Server, Android Lolipop devices will not be able to connect to it.
This means that the minimum recommended Android version is 6.x (Marshmallow).