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Debug and Update history of the SARTrack Member Android App (Beta Versions):
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Version 1.001
10 February 2019

- In the last 9 months, the Android App had to be partly rewritten because of the new requirements of Google that all existing App's must 'target' Android 8.
This has been a complete nightmare, and basically everything stopped working, and the compiler which I must use, was totally not ready for the changes, and as a result I had also to help debug the actual compiler itself, until the final version came out a couple of months ago.
However, there are still many problems, and I really need to know from as many users as possible if the App works correctly in the various versions of Android, and phones.
Please report any problems from the App's Debug window, and send a Bug report.

It may be useful to uninstall the old App first, then install fresh in this case.
Some recommended settings:
In Setup>Server:
- When you enable Location tracking, the most power saving type is "Automatic", which check every 5 minutes if the location has changed. It will detect if you go around a corner, and it will adjust when you go from walking to stepping into a car or aircraft.
The most detailed option is 'By Movement'. The GPS will be checked every 5 seconds; When a certain distance has been covered, it will save a track point, also when you make a turn. The minimum distance is 10 meters when you move 5 km/h or below, after that this minimum distance will increase, so that when you do 100km/h it does not generate thousands of track points...

When you go into the 'GPS/Compass, Send Clue, or Map window, the GPS will stay on for as long as you are in there, or until you minimize the App.

To save more power, you can set the Connect Interval' to say 5 minutes. SARTrack will release hold on the WIFI system, and stay disconnected from the Server until 5 minutes have passed. It will then connect to the Database Server (WIFI or Internet), synchronize, and disconnect again.

When you switch to Personal Settings, the App will make a full connection to the Database.

Give it a try and please keep me up-to-date with the results.


Version 0.9.781F
9 July 2018

- Changed Debug log time to UTC so can better compare with Database Servers.
- Fix: Google Map: 'Normal' button was missing
- Fix: On restart Client, when Service already running, did not display the Server connection correctly.
- Fix: The Availability updates caused the Current Status (Assigned to a Team) of the person to be overwritten at the Server and the SARTrack clients.
This fix requires also an Update of the Database Server and SARTrack Client.
- New: In the Station Popup window, a new button: Send Message to Station. NOTE: This currently only works for APRS Messages to SARTrack Clients and APRS capable Amateur Radio radios (not to commecercial radios like Tait, Motorola, etc).. (Double-tap on a Station in the Station list to open the Popup)
- Fix: Clue Photo attachment did not always work due to a missing directory.

Version 0.9.780C
26 June 2018
- Fix: Change the way the screen is looking with different device displays.
- Fix: The Avavlabiliy system was not updated from the Server side. This also requires the Database Server to be updated to version 0.9.781A

Known Issues:
- The App will NOT run properly on Android version 4.x.
- The App will run on Android Version 5.x (Lolipop) but it will NOT be capable to connect to a Local Database Server, on a WIFI network which is NOT itself connected to the Internet. That is, when you have a WIFI network in the field, which has NO Internet access, but is running a Local Database Server, Android Lolipop devices will not be able to connect to it.
This means that the minimum recommended Android version is 6.x (Marshmallow).