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After downloading, in your browser,  select 'Open' to start the installation, or else use the 'Files' App to navigate to your Download directory and run the latest installation package "SARTrackApp.apk" from there.

Update history

Debug and Update history of the SARTrack Member Android App:
Main SARTrack Website is at

SARTrack App Version 1.0191
23 November  2020
- Important fix: Connection to Database Server could permanently fail when a Database Server change occured during an Active Operation.
- Improvments in the App's automatic update system.
- Added a Warning when the App is started on an Active Operation, but the Tracking is not enabled.

SARTrack App
Version 1.019
18 October  2020
- This is the NEW version of the SARTrack Android App. The previous version "SARTrack Member App" is no longer functional or supported.

Version 1.018A
23 September 2020
WARNING: The download of this version from the Google Play Store is corrupted, and can no longer be used.
Please un-install this version from your device, and download the NEW version of the "SARTrack App" directly from the SARTrack website:

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