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Download the latest SARTrack installation. Requirements: Windows XP or higher.

SAR & HAM users. Please read the USER MANUAL
 Only for SAR users. Read the documentation below.
SAR Voice over IP Talk button.  Read the SARTalk Manual (PDF)

(Optional for SAR users wanting to use Printed Forms)
On an Android device only First read the App information page.

NOTE: The original Android "SARTrack Member App" has been removed from the Google Play Store, and is now non-functional.
There are problems with the original Google Play version which currently cannot be resolved. Existing users, do NOT update the original from the Google Play store, but un-install it from your device.
Instead use NEW "SARTrack App" above. You will have to re-enter your data again in Setup.

PDF files of Changes between SARTrack Client versions are now here.

New Zealand Marine Charts (NZ Server) (550 Mb)  Most of LINZ smaller NZ coastal charts.

If you have installation problems due to anti-virus software complaining, just override this, as there is nothing wrong with the installation packages. Under Windows 10 (Windows Defender) click on "Details" then on "Run anyway".

Search and Rescue users, please read the following important document:

How to install and set up the Database system

(To buy SMS Credits, please use the button in the SARTrack SMS window)

You can download many more OSM Maps in this OSM MAP Example directory.

The direcory contains extra OSM-compatible Maps you can add to the program, including automatic Weather Overlays, etc. by downloading the files, and dropping them into the SARTrack OSMINI directory. Read the README document in for details.

TNC Database: Download the latest TNC file here. (19 July 2015)

InReach satellite trackers: This document may help setting it up.

Please make a donation to support the ongoing development, on the Donations Page.

Last updated 11 December 2020.
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